Two books about Tori Horses were published in Finland in the end of September:

"Torihorse 1856-1956"
Finnish translation of Mihkel Ilmjärves book "Tori Hobune" published in 1957; corrected - in original book there were mistakes in horses names and studbook numbers;
257 pages; Prize 19 euro+postal costs.

"Torihorse II, Stallion Bloodlines 1957-2008"
in Finnish; lists of main Studbook Stallions in years 1957-2008, who have at least one foal (date of birth, sire, dam , damsire); brief about Tori Horse breeding;
preservation and breeding program in 2008
78 pages; Prize 9 euro + postal costs.


It is possible to download M. Ilmjärve´s book

(pub. 1957)

Stallion Hetman-the Great progenitor in Tori breed